Product Features

Blue/Green Deployments

Significantly reduce downtime and risk by running two identical Hazelcast® Enterprise clusters called Blue and Green, allowing clients to be migrated from one cluster to another without client interaction or cluster downtime.

Blue/Green deployment

Blue/Green deployment capability provides your users and customers with a seamless experience and eliminates downtime by having always-ready standby clusters.

Drive productivity and customer (end-user) satisfaction by eliminating downtime

Blue-green deployment refers to a software technique which can be used to reduces or even eliminate systems downtime and its associated business risk by deploying two mirrored production environments referred to as Blue and Green. During normal operating conditions, one of the environments is in production, and the other is on active standby.

Blue/Green deployment capability provides your users and customers with a seamless experience, by eliminating downtimes (either intentional or unintended) by having always-ready standby clusters. In this model, one of the clusters provides production services to clients while the other cluster can be upgraded with the new application code.

In addition, Hazelcast offers the flexibility to migrate all clients of a cluster, subsets of clients, or select groups of clients using label filtering and black/white lists via our Management Center.


Blacklist & Whitelist via Management Center

With our Blue/Green system, you can automatically connect to another cluster when blacklisted from a currently connected cluster, including subsets using client labels to the black or white list.


Configurable Client Behavior after the Disconnection

Client behavior after disconnection is configurable via reconnect-mode:
ON: Client changes the cluster and blocks invocations
ASYNC: Client changes the cluster in the background and creates ClientOfflineException.
OFF: Client does not change the cluster; it shuts down immediately.

Prioritize Clusters when Clients try to Connect

Cluster connect order in a Blue/Green scenario is decided by order of cluster declarations in the client configuration, including Round-Robin and Delay.

Supports CNAME

Using CNAME, change the resolution of hostnames, and use them dynamically to support changing system requirements.