Product Features

Automatic Disaster Recovery

Enable clients connected to Hazelcast® Enterprise clusters to automatically failover to a Disaster Recovery Cluster during an unplanned outage of the primary production cluster.

Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any production system connected to a Hazelcast IMDG cluster will always be available.

Network or system failures are not normally a high-level priority for IT teams who are focused on enabling the enterprise in high-demand, high-volume environments, yet when your systems do go down unexpectedly, the results can range from inconvenient to catastrophic. While this is an unfortunate side effect of the complexities and interdependencies of today's IT ecosystem, the need for a disaster recovery solution has never been more mission-critical.

Unplanned outages become a thing of the past with Hazelcast Automatic Disaster Recovery Failover. Whether it's a production or test system, Hazelcast delivers a smooth, seamless, rapid and fully automated experience to your end users, with zero disruption to system resources.


Configurable Client Behavior after the Disconnection

Client behavior after the disconnection is configurable via reconnect-mode:

  • ON: The client changes the cluster and blocks the invocations while doing so.
  • ASYNC: the client changes the cluster in the background and throws ClientOfflineException while doing so.
  • OFF: The client does not change the cluster; it shuts down immediately.

Prioritize Clusters when Clients try to Connect

Connection order for clusters in a disaster recovery scenario is decided by order of the cluster declarations provided in client configuration, including configurations for round-robin and delay.

Supports CNAME

Using CNAME, change the hostname resolutions, and use them dynamically.