Product Features

Rolling Upgrade

Upgrade your Hazelcast members and clients in a running cluster without interrupting operations.

Improve customer experience and reduce downtime, avoiding service disruptions, data loss, and interruption to execution

Member Rolling Upgrade

Upgrade cluster members without service interruption in embedded mode (no clients) or client-server mode (clients are connected to a cluster).

Client Rolling Upgrade

Upgrade clients individually with no interruptions to other clients, even when working off a central cache.

Supports mixing clients of different languages and versions in one cluster.


Member Rolling Upgrade

Upgrade your cluster members without any service interruption and with complete migration of processing and data as each member is upgraded.

Client Rolling Upgrade

Upgrade the clients independent of the server, without service interruption, using Hazelcast Open Client Protocol,which supports six client languages  including Java, C++, .NET, Python, Node.js, Go, and Scala.

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