About RAC

Joanie Chevalier is the Founder & Editor of RAC: Promoting the Reader/Author Connection

I can’t imagine a world without books, or readers, or made-up worlds with interesting characters, can you? That’s why it’s important for me to continue to encourage the connection between readers and authors. Authors love to share their worlds, and Readers never tire of them.

Let me tell you a story.

About six or seven years ago, I submitted a short story in a Facebook group contest. It’s a story I wrote many years ago and I won the contest by popular vote. I never forgot that contest and how it prompted my self-confidence as a writer. I went on to write more short stories and then published several books. I believe in the short story, and I believe that perhaps there’s a writer out there who needs to believe in herself, just like I did. That’s a reason why I love to publish this small magazine.

I have a vision for the RAC. I see the RAC publishing stories from emerging authors, and giving them the confidence to keep writing. I see Readers wanting to be involved by reading their stories, purchasing their books, and perhaps becoming a new fan.

Readers and Authors love to connect. I am confident in that statement. Join me in promoting the reader/author connection. Thank you!

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