Author Pages

Work in Progress!

We are working hard to give you links to individual author pages, which will include their submitted short stories, bio, and book links. Enjoy!

Christopher Allen
Mette Barfelt (Interview)
Nathan Bush
Kay Castaneda
Joanie Chevalier (Founder & Editor of RAC Online Magazine)
Graham Clayton (Winner of RAC’s 2019 Short Story Contest!)
James Cudney (Interview)
Ellie Collins (Interview)
Revell Cornell

JD Estrada (Interview)
Keith Guernsey
Jane Jago
CeeCee James (Interview)
Trisha Kelly
Toni Kief
Karen McCrea

Celia Micklefield
D.H. Nevins (Interview)
Sarah Northwood
Eva Pasco
Clabe Polk

Angela Petch (Interview)
Helen Pryke
Suzan St Maur
Nellie Neves
Luna Rugova (Winner of 2019 Story of the Year!)
Annette Spratte
Michael F. Stewart (Interview)
Jeff Van Valer (Interview)
Joseph Willson