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I retired early to enjoy life, nature, and all that the world offers. I plan to travel, edit, and write. Also, my two Chihuahuas are adorable. :o)

Ask Thelma & Louise

Meet Thelma and Louise. They’ve been best friends since back in the day. Even though Thelma complains about Louise’s pink flamingo yard deco, they’ve lived next door to each other for enough years to see almost seventy birthdays together. They’ve had many disagreements and debates over the years […]

PreLaunch Day

The RAC Magazine’s PreLaunch Day was a success, and we appreciate and thank you all for your support and belief in us. Subscriptions are now open and when you subscribe, you not only receive a Welcome Kit full of goodies, you also get 30% off the individual issue […]

Meeting of the Minds

Yesterday morning, Joanie and I had our second verbal communication. We must be getting down to the wire if I had to use my phone as… as… as… a phone!! After 90 minutes of serious discussion, we both came to the same conclusion; We Got This! So far, we have […]