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Every issue we look at exceptional blogs, blogs that explore new worlds, and allows us to think, imagine, and wonder.

Jena C. Henry, contributor to The RAC (Reader/Author Connection) Magazine


Jena C Henry’s blog is our July’s choice. Jena is a top-notch supporter of indie authors, and has over 15k subscribers to her book blog. She is an author too. Check out her blog here. Readers, you will love her blog, with hundreds of book reviews and recommendations for weekend reading. Authors, contact Jena for a book review, a book promotion, or an interview.  Read more about Jena here.






Beth Ann Chiles


Beth Ann Chiles’ blog is the first to be showcased at the RAC. It’s Just Life: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary is about Travel, Teapot Tuesday, Waterfall Wednesday, Writing, Books and Book Reviews, Recipes, Comments for a Cause, and more.  Read more about Beth Ann here.



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