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The Classics

Do you like to read books deemed classic? Maybe the term classic literature makes the book sound too stuffy or too difficult to enjoy on a cozy afternoon. Classic does bring to mind the torture of sitting through English class analyzing the meaning of “Life is to be lived…” Or maybe […]

New Authors – Celebrate!

Calling all first-time authors. Sandy and Joanie, co-founders of The RAC (Reader/Author Connection) Magazine are proud of all authors, and especially the new author. In appreciation for all your hard work and dedication to make your dream come true, please accept our gift of a free ad space, […]

Books… As Seen in The RAC Magazine

We have an online bookstore! Books that have been featured (or the authors featured) in The RAC Magazine will be highlighted on our website, and available for purchase directly from Amazon. These will include books from: The Spotlight Authors Guest Reviewers Reviewed by Sandy Sponsors Please help spread […]