Meeting of the Minds

Yesterday morning, Joanie and I had our second verbal communication. We must be getting down to the wire if I had to use my phone as… as… as… a phone!! After 90 minutes of serious discussion, we both came to the same conclusion; We Got This! So far, we have […]

Sneak Peek

The fairies have been working hard to craft a unique magazine designed specifically to connect readers and authors. The sparkly dust has been flying. The havoc wreaked with the hardware, but the end result is well worth the trouble. This idea has been months in the making. Communication […]

Thank you book giveaway!

We’d like to thank the authors and readers who have taken the time to submit to The RAC Magazine for our 9/10/18 launch issue. (We are still accepting submissions until 8/10/18! See details here.) Our first big THANK YOU! is to Jena C. Henry, who is our first […]